Adjusting The Safety Switch On A Forced Action Mixer

Adjustment Of Safety Switch Image - Page 1

If the mixer does not start:
1. Check that the mixer is connected to the mains – that the power is on
2. Start by visually checking the mixer and the safety switch
3. Check that the grid funnel is completely closed
4. Check that the safety switch is assembled as illustrated on photo A


Provided that point 1-4 described above have been checked, please proceed as follows:
1. The safety switch may be adjusted by turning the bolt once (max. twice) clockwise as illustrated on photo C. By doing so, the the pull on the curved metal piece seen on photo B is loosened, the power remains uninterrupted and the mixer will thus be able to start – see page 2.
2. If the mixer still does not start, the safety switch B may not be correctly assembled. Please re-check.


If the grid funnel opens up too wide (more than 5 cm*) before the current is abrupted
1. Turn the bolt as illustrated on photo C once (max. twice) counterclockwise. By doing so, the pull on the curved metal piece seen on photo B is increased and the power is consequently cut off when the grid funnel is opened more than 5 cm* – see page 2.

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