How To Unpack Your Forced Action Mixer

  1. The smaller mixers are positioned horizontally in boxes and are secured to the pallet with screws.
  2. Release and remove the screws and wrapping.
  3. Release and remove the screws securing the mixer to the pallet on both sides.
  4. Remove the rear-top part of the frame from where it’s been positioned
    during transportation and move aside for later.
  5. Pull the mixer out from the pallet.
  6. Place each of the 300 mm wheels on the axle on the right and left hand side respectively and fasten them by using the correct bolt and washer from the small plastic bag inside the pan which will also contain the manual.
  7. Release the bolts and nuts from the two separate telescopic legs in front and the telescopic leg at the back of the mixer.
  8. Adjust both telescopic legs to the appropriate working height using the bolts and choose one of the following options:
    Position 1 for transportation purposes only (or very small people).
    Position 2 for small persons.
    Position 3 for the standard — and generally recommended — position.
    Position 4 for tall people. Fasten the bolts and nuts for all telescopic legs concerned.
  9. Lift the mixer to an upright position by putting one foot against the telescopic legs on the back and pulling the mixer upwards.
  10. Take the rear-top part of the frame previously set aside and insert it into the frame on both sides of the mixer. Insert the special bolt and fasten it with the nut from the small plastic bag previously mentioned. Fasten on both sides.
  11. Place the CE safety grid in front of the discharge chute and fasten it onto the mixer by tightening the bolts already attached to the CE safety grid.
  12. Open and close the mixer gate a few times.
  13. Remove the cable binders (3 binders in total) that are used to ensure that the mixer arms do not move during transportation;
    1 binder is around the drive shaft to which the other two binders around the cross joint are attached.
  14. Open and close the grid funnel a few times.
  15. Press the start the START button and test the mixer — does it run correctly and does the mixer cut off when the lid is being opened? When the mixer has been cut off, close the lid again and press the START button to check that the motor runs.