Accessories for Forced Action Mixers

See our full range of accessories that are used in conjunction with our forced action mixers. From transformers to extension cables we provide the necessary tools to allow you to work on almost any job thanks to the versatile products we provide.

In our accessories, we stock 110 volt 16amp and 32amp transformers along with 110 volt 16amp and 32amp extension cables and a 230 volt 16amp extension cable. Click on the options above to find out more about our accessories!

Extension Leads for Forced Action Mixers

SoRoTo forced action mixers either come equipped with a very short trailing lead or an integral socket. In order to connect the machine to a power outlet, an extension lead will be required. We supply extension leads for both 230v and 110v variations which will enable you to connect a machine to the mains.

Transformers for Forced Action Mixers

SoRoTo forced action mixers are available in either 110/230/400v according to their size and your requirement. The 110v variants will require a transformer in order to connect them to the mains and are commonly used by contractors owing to the safer site voltage. Our transformers for forced action mixers are perfectly paired with our machines to ensure continuous use and durability.

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