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Whisks for use with Paddle Mixers

The design of the SA and GA series whisks mean that you are able to mix your materials between 15-20% faster than with traditional whisks. SoRoTo mixing whisks have been designed to follow the shape of tubs and buckets when held straight to ensure all of the edges are scraped to leave no material unmixed and to avoid the need to twist or move the whisk.

BA-Series Paint Whisks

BA Series whisks are designed for mixing lighter materials such as paint and other thin-flowing products. Each BA series whisk is compatible with drill chucks and threads.

GA-Series Plaster Whisks

GA Series whisks are used for more viscous materials such as tile adhesive, mortar or plaster. Thicker materials such as resin binder would struggle to be mixed by the thinner whisks meaning a suitable product such as the GA series is needed. Each GA whisk is compatible with drill chucks and threads.

SA-Series Resin Whisks

SA Series whisks come in two versions, clockwise and anti-clockwise. The clockwise whisk is great for viscous products such as mortar, plaster, resin binder and cement. The anti-clockwise whisk is used for thin-flowing materials such as paint or wallpaper paste. Each SA whisk is compatible with drill chucks as well as threads.

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