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Paddle Mixer | Mix plaster, paint, cement, mortar, render

A paddle mixer is used to quickly and efficiently mix a wide variety of materials such as mortar, resin binders, paint, plaster, cement and more with ease. The specially designed whisks that are attached to the mixer draw the material through the rotating blades to ensure that a lump-free and consistent mixture is achieved. The soft start and variable speed on certain mixers will ensure greater control of the mixture, reducing the amount of mess during the mixing process. The soft grip handles also give you a little added comfort whilst using the mixers.

We have a range of 3 hand-held electric paddle mixers that have been specially designed along with a number of whisks for mixing specific materials as well as possible to ensure your machine is the most efficient it can be for the work you are completing. Each electric mixer comes equipped with both a drill chuck and an M14 thread for maximum compatibility with most types of whisk.

Each mixer comes with:
• A soft start motor to increase control and reduce mess,
• An included paddle for immediate operation,
• An on/off switch,
• Either 1 (850w) or 2 gears (1220w & 1300w)

Paddle mixers are commonly used by plasterers. Our mixers can also be known in the industry as a plaster mixer or a plastering tool.

When used with a SoRoTo GA or SA series whisk (a plasterers whisk) our mixers are the perfect size and shape for creating just the right amount of plaster for a person to work with without the risk of it beginning to dry before being applied. Unlike traditional whisks, our GA and SA series whisks are a conical shape meaning mixing times are up to 20% faster and they are able to scrape the edges of buckets and tubs to removed the need for unnecessary twisting and movement whilst avoiding potential mess.

850w Plaster Mixer

The 850w plaster mixer is a compact yet strong machine which is perfect for irregular or occasional use on site. All of our hand-held mixers produce a fantastic RPM and the 850w is no different as it can output over 500rpm. With an included 3.5 metre cable, there is the flexibility to move around the site and still be able to use your mixer. The 850w can be used alone to mix materials or can be used alongside a forced action mixer in applications such as resin bound gravel where a 2-part epoxy resin needs to be mixed before adding to the dried aggregate. With the included adaptors, it is compatible with almost all mixer paddle attachments and will produce a smooth and consistent mix each time. The 850w also has a soft start motor to ensure no mess is created when your mix is beginning.

1220w Mixing Drill

The 1220w mixing drill is a large continuous use, electric hand-held machine which is perfect for use alone mixing materials or with a forced action mixer. Delivered with two adaptors and a 3.5 metre cable, you have a flexible, multi-use paddle mixer that can be moved around site and can be used with different whisk attachments dependant on the materials. The 1220w is a 2 speed gear machine and is able to produce between 480 and 800rpm to create consistently smooth and lump-free mixes each time. The 1220w includes a soft start motor to ensure no unnecessary mess is created when your mix is beginning.

1300w Paddle Mixer

The 1300w is the largest and most powerful SoRoTo hand-held machine. With an anti-fatigue wide grip this is the perfect continuous use paddle mixer for jobs where it would be used frequently. With a large 5 metre cable, you are able to move around site even more than with our other two mixers increasing your flexibility. The 1300w can be used in conjunction with a forced action mixer or alone to mix its own materials. With a two speed gear, this machine is able to produce between 300– 700rpm to create smooth, lump-free and consistent mixes each time. The 1300w also includes a soft start motor to ensure no mess is created unnecessarily when your mix is started.

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