100L Forced Action Mixer

£1,900 ex.VAT

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The SoRoTo 100L is perfect for 100kg Resin Bound Gravel Mixes

  • 100 litre mixing capacity
  • Mixes up to ~234kg
  • 110v or 230v models available
  • Efficient and quiet 1.1kW motor
  • Perfect size for a ‘4 bag (100kg) mix’ for resin bound
  • 24-month Manufacturer Guarantee

Power Cable Supplied Separately

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The 100L Forced Action Mixer from SoRoTo

This highly versatile and popular forced action mixer is capable of mixing up to 234kg of materials in just a couple of minutes, ensuring that you have the concrete, screed, resin bound gravel, mortar, plaster or epoxy exactly when you need it. Its purpose made arms and paddles are designed in such a way to help to eliminate any clumping of materials within the mix, unlike traditional Belle mixers, you won’t need to shove a tool in to break up any lumps or clumps.

With a durable, quiet and efficient 1.1kW motor delivering power at a steady 30rpm, the SoRoTo forced action mixer can mix granular, stony and liquid-powder mixes with outstanding capability. Both rubber and steel paddles are available, making this single forced action mixer your go-to machine for mixing so many different materials. No longer will you need to carry several machines to mix different products, the SoRoTo 100L can mix them all without effort.

With a folding and removable bucket-holder for smaller mixes, particularly mixing plaster or render, and adjustable legs & wheels for use with wheelbarrows on larger projects, particularly when mixing resin bound gravel, concrete or screed, the SoRoTo 100L is capable enough to deal with jobs both big and small.

Why use a forced action mixer?

Mixing cement mortar or concrete in a forced action mixer

In the UK, it has almost always been the case that on-site mixing of cementitious materials has been done using either a mini-mixer or a site mixer, often known as gravity mixers or tumble mixers. The most common reason for using these is that it’s generally the industry standard, which set its standard before there was an awareness of forced action mixers and how they can be used for mixing these particular materials. In fact, many concrete flag and block manufacturers use forced action mixers to produce their products owing to their superior abilities to mix effectively and smoothly.

While a mini mixer may have a total pan capacity of 135 litres, the actual mixing capacity of this is in fact much less at around 90 litres. The SoRoTo 100L forced action mixer in comparison has a total mixing capacity of 100L, meaning you can get more from each mix, therefore saving time, energy and money. With the SoRoTo 100L’s capability to be transported in the back of a van or pickup and easy-loading wheels, it can be moved around by a single person to wherever it might be needed, even through doorways and up stairs.

Mixing resin bound gravel in a forced action mixer

One of the most common purposes for the SoRoRo 100L is its use in the resin bound gravel sector, due to its ability to mix the industry standard ‘4-bag mix’ of around 100kg of kiln-dried aggregate along with a 6-7.5kg bucket of two-part polyurethane resin binder. As the machine is super-portable, you can take it through gates and it can fit even in small vans, making it a fantastic alternative to older, outdated mixers such as the diesel powered Creteangle forced action mixers.

What Materials Can A SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer, Electric Mixer and Drum Mixer Mix?

MaterialsForced Action MixerDrum MixerElectric Mixer
Resin Bound Gravel
Sand/Cement Renders
Cement Mortar
General Purpose Mortar
Masonry Mortar
Finishing Mortar
Facing Plaster
Tile Adhesive
Tiling Grout
Dry Mixes (Paint/Whitewash)
Self-levelling Compounds
Terrazzo Flooring
Epoxy Resin
Concrete Repair Materials
Expanding Concrete

Additional information

Weight 98 kg
Dimensions 800 × 680 × 1090 mm
Motor Power


Rotary Speed


Pan Capacity

106 Litres

Mixing Capacity

100 Litres

Max Mixing Weight



110v – 3-Pin 16A (Yellow)
230v – 3-pin 16A (Blue)


110 Volt, 230 Volt

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