120L Forced Action Mixer

£2,350 ex.VAT

The SoRoTo 120L is one of the most highly engineered and respected mixers on the market today

  • 120 litre mixing capacity
  • Mixes up to ~280kg
  • 110v or 230v models available
  • Efficient, quiet 1.1kW motor
  • Removable bucket holder
  • 24 Month Manufacturer Guarantee

Power Cable Supplied Separately

SKU: 120.000 Category: GTIN: 120.000


SoRoTo are the original forced action mixers and are still the best in the industry.

Suitable for almost any mixing jobs from Resin Bound Gravel to Wet Pour Rubber and Liquid Concrete, the 120L will perform fantastically on its first mix right to its last. The mixer performs so well thanks to its specially designed mixer arms that reach places other mixers can only dream of!

Thanks to its single phase 110v/1.1Kw motor, delivering 30RPM the machine can last all day as long as the correct transformer is used, 32 AMP 5kVa Transformer. With adjustable front legs and a 120 litre mixing capacity, the 120L can be used for the biggest and most awkward of jobs. Along with other features such as plastic tyres, SoRoTo Mixers are the industry leaders due to their durability, innovation and ease of use. You can also choose rubber blade systems for mixing aggregates larger than 8mm, it can be purchased as default as well as an extra blade system.

With service lives of up to 20 years, you can be assured that your mixer will not only perform well but will do so consistently for a long, long time. Should you have any issues with your mixer do not worry, as we are the UK’s only SoRoTo repair and service centre and can help you with any problems you do have.

Give our specially trained staff a call on 01246 589010 to discuss your requirements.

What Materials Can A SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer, Electric Mixer and Drum Mixer Mix?

MaterialsForced Action MixerDrum MixerElectric Mixer
Resin Bound Gravel
Sand/Cement Renders
Cement Mortar
General Purpose Mortar
Masonry Mortar
Finishing Mortar
Facing Plaster
Tile Adhesive
Tiling Grout
Dry Mixes (Paint/Whitewash)
Self-levelling Compounds
Terrazzo Flooring
Epoxy Resin
Concrete Repair Materials
Expanding Concrete


Additional information

Weight 105 kg
Dimensions 950 × 720 × 1170 mm
Motor Power


Rotary Speed


Pan Capacity

123 Litres

Mixing Capacity

120 Litres

Max Mixing Weight



110v – 3-Pin 32A (Yellow)
230v – 3-Pin 16A (Blue)


110 Volt, 230 Volt

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