850w Paddle Mixer

£111.80 ex.VAT

  • 230 volt
  • 0.85kW output
  • <500 RPM
  • 3.5 metre lead
  • Come with a standard BA-series whisk
  • Can be used to mix resin binders, render, plaster, paint, concrete and more!
SKU: 8500000 Category: GTIN: 8500000


The 850w mixer is SoRoTo’s smallest hand-held intermittent use electric paddle mixer. It is an efficient and durable electric mixer which can be used on its own or in conjunction with a forced action mixer. It is a versatile mixer that is used to create a consistent and lump-free mixture. Suitable for use with a plasterers whisk (both threaded and edged), this durable and ergonomically designed mixing drill is perfect for occasional and infrequent use. With both a drill chuck and an M14 thread adaptor, it is compatible with practically any mixer paddle attachment and is excellent at producing a smooth and consistent mix.

With each 850w mixer comes with:

  • A standard SoRoTo whisk
  • An M14-M14 adaptor for use with special types of whisks with an inside thread
  • A Chuck with an adaptor for edged whisks

Known as:
Plasterers whisk, mixing drill, paint mixer, plaster mixer, paddle mixer

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