Replacing Spring Pins On Your Forced Action Mixer

For multiple reasons there comes a time when your spring pins may need replacing due to snapping or bending. The spring pins can become damaged if large amounts of material are allowed to build up around the top of the drive shaft as the mixing head doesn’t sit properly on the pins, which can cause them to bend or even snap. Should any of these become damaged, they should be replaced immediately to prevent any further damage to your mixer.

  1. Identify the spring pin or pins that need replacing.
  2. Using a small saw, cut off the broken pin at the base.
  3. Place the circle template on to the remaining spring
  4. The template gives you the exact spot where the new spring needs to be installed.
  5. Using the 4mm drill, drill into the mixer using the correct hole as shown on the photo
  6. Remove the template and using the 8.1mm drill in the newly formed hole, drill down to create a larger opening.
  7. Using your hammer, knock in the number 1 pin (largest) before knocking in again the number 2 pin (middle pin) before knocking in the smallest pin.
  8. Repeat this process until all of the broken or bent pins have been replaced and there are now 4 pins in place.

To ensure there are no weak points, please remember to shift the opening of each of the pins when assembling a complete pin (consisting of 1 x number 1, 1 x number 2, 1 x number 3) — see photo number 7.