Soroto 120L Spare Parts

SoRoTo 120L 110v Spares Image

Soroto 120L-30 Spare Parts Diagram
SoRoTo 120L 110v Spares Image

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Fig Description Part Number  
1 * Dust Eliminator 120.001DL
2 Grid Lid (hinge 100mm) 120.002
3 Mixer Drum inc Mixer Gate, Complete Set 120.003
3 R Rubber Strap - For Grid Lid 120.003R
4 Frame, Complete with Wheels etc 120.004
4 B Bucket Stand 120.004B
4 F Frame, Front Part (U-Shape) 120.004F
4 L Frame, Left Side Part 120.004L
4 R Frame, Right Side Part 120.004R
4 T Frame, Top/Rear Part 120.004T
5 Loading Wheel (1pc 80mm exc bolt) 120.005
5 B Bolt (1pc) for 80mm Loading Wheel 120.005A
6 Wheel (1pc) 300mm exc Bolt 120.006
6 B Bolt (1pc) for 300mm Wheel 120.006B
6 W Washer (1pc) for 300mm Wheel 120.006W
7 Mixer Gate inc Bolt etc 120.007
8 Switch 16amp. w/thermal circuit breaker 120.008-110v
8 E Safety Switch - By the Grid Lid 120.008E
8 K Cassette for Safety Switch, Complete 120.008K
8 K1 Piece for Safety Switch, Bended Metal Part 120.008K1
8 K2 Piece for Safety Switch, Twisted Metal Part 120.008K2
8 K3 Piece for Safety Switch, Rubber Part 120.008K3
12 Drive Shaft, Complete 120.012
12A Spring Pins, Complete Set of 12 inc Jig 120.012A
13 Gear Motor 1.8kW 1400/30RPM 110v 120.013-110V
13 G - Gear Only 120.013G
13 M -Motor Only 120.013M-110V
14 Starting Capacitor 800µf 120.014_800
15 Operating Capacitor 120µf 120.015_120
16 Phase Capacitor 100µf 120.016_100
17 B Telescopic Legs - Rear 120.017B
17 L Telescopic Legs - Front (Left) 120.017L
17 R Telescopic Legs - Front (Right) 120.017R
17 SB Bolt & Nut (1pair) for Telescopic Leg (1pc) 120.017SB
19 Safety Grid - By Mixer Gate 120.019
20 * Mixer Arms with Rubber (3pcs) Complete Set 120.020
20 A Mixer Arms with Rubber (3pcs) Without Cross Joint 120.020A
21 Rubber Parts (Replacement Set complete) 120.021
21 A Rubber Parts (Replacement set Blades Only) 120.021A
21 B Rubber Parts (Replacement Set - Cross Joint Only) 120.021B
23 Mixers Arms (set of 4pcs) Complete 120.023
23 A Mixers Arms (set of 4pcs) w/o Cross Joint 120.023A
24 Mixer Arm (1pc), Side 120.024
24A Mixer Blade Separate Side 120.024A
25 Mixer Arm (1pc) Side-Base 120.025
25A Mixer Blade Separate, Side-Base 120.025A
26 Mixer Arm (1pc) Rake 120.026
26A Mixer Blade Separate, Rake 120.026A
27 Mixer Blades, Steel, Complete Set, 4pc inc Nuts 120.027
30 Discharge Chute inc Bolts 120.030
44 Cross Joint for Mixer Arms, Steel inc Bolts 120.044
47 Cross Joint for Mixer Arms, Rubber, inc Brackets & Bolts 120.047
51 Bracket for Mixer Blade, Rubber, Rake 120.051
52 Bracket for Mixer Blade, Rubber, Side-Base 120.052
53 Bracket for Mixer Blade, Rubber, Side 120.053

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